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The Power of Giving

The Power of Giving

Generous Living

Sermon Description

How you handle your money has a lot to do with the condition of your heart, and it also has an impact on what God can and will do in and through your life. Living generously is something we learn, just as we learn to pray and to trust God. If we will learn to live our lives oriented to Him, He will pour out blessings beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Value Awareness

God gave us His best, and the whole Jesus-story is an expression of the value God attaches to you and me. How we use our time, our talents, and our resources is a reflection of what we value. When we see God, we will want Him to see that we value Him and have been generous with Him in every part of our lives.

Abundant Life - EASTER

God’s intent is to enable us to live abundant lives. No matter what gifts or talents or abilities we have apart from God, if we yield to Him, He will bring us better things than we would have apart from Him. Teaching from the story of Abraham, Pastor Allen shows that God invites us into a relationship with Him that will give purpose to our days and help us overcome the obstacles of life.

Great Expectations

Generosity brings good things to your life. There is a force, a power, an authority in giving. When you choose to be a generous person, your life is opened to the blessings of God in many ways that would not come otherwise. Pastor Allen teaches there are three things necessary to sustain a generous lifestyle: integrity, work, and perseverance.

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