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Prophetic Insight

Sermon Description

In the first of his 3-part series on Prophecy, Pastor Allen invites us to step away from any skepticism we may have toward God or toward prophecy and learn to be great listeners. We must accept the Word of God as complete Truth. Then we must be able to listen to His word, apply it to our lives, and obey what it says. God’s word can bring us amazing power if we let it. Scripture tells us that if we listen and obey, we can receive wisdom, knowledge, understanding, victory, a shield, a guard, and protection on our journey. Additionally, there is a cleansing and a transformation when we open our hearts to the word of God. Pastor Allen encourages us to choose to be open to God’s word and His prophecy so that we can receive His truth, which will prepare us for the days ahead.

Sermon Description

This series aligns a fascinating world history lesson with the Bible scriptures that foretold these historical events. We can use God’s prophetic word as a guide between the beginning and the end. In the scriptures, we can determine what has already happened, what is happening now, and what will is still to come. Pastor Allen’s sermons addresse the events that must happen in order to fulfill the prophecies about the end times, which of those events have already occurred, and what is our part in seeing these prophecies become reality.

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