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You Have a Mighty Source – Series III

Old Testament - New Testament

Sermon Description

Our journey brings us to the conclusion of the Old Testament, and Pastor Allen builds a bridge into the New Testament, focusing on the transforming value of God’s word. The counsel of Scripture declares those who accept it are wise, but those who reject it are foolish; and blessed are those who learn and obey it. A positive response to His Word increases our belief just as rebellion perpetuates unbelief. Repentance results in spiritual change.

The Gospels

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The message of Gospels examines the life of Jesus. Jesus is the Savior of the world, Christ-Messiah, born of a virgin, the Initiator of all things, and the One Who has taken away the sin of the world. Jesus’ lack of fear and worry, coupled with tremendous compassion toward humankind, provides a unique revelation of God the Father. Jesus was on assignment – so are His followers. Pastor Allen invites us to very intentionally yield to the authority of Jesus as Christ, Lord and King.

Jesus' Birth and Jesus' Death

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Jesus’ unique birth and death, celebrated as anchor holidays – Christmas and Easter, are holy in nature and define Jesus’ preeminence and calling. Jesus’ birth is an expression of God’s favor to humanity. Jesus’ sinless death provides perfect redemption. We recite The Apostles Creed, affirming our belief in Jesus as Christ, Lord and King.

Nazareth & Capernaum

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The New Testament Gospels assert the preeminence of our High Priest, Jesus. His prophetic move from Nazareth to Galilean Capernaum begins His public ministry. Jesus’ invitations extended unprecedented opportunities to multitudes, but not without weight of responsibility for response. Jesus offered a complete salvation – from destructive elements and disease, demonic control, and death. The same opportunity is offered to us today – salvation through the power of His sacrificial blood.


Sermon Description

This message focuses on the Gospel of Luke, the Physician, who establishes Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament promises and examines the powerful presence of God’s Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life, from His conception to His ascension. Luke asserts Jesus’ radical, Spirit-empowered perspectives on time and eternity, mercy, forgiveness, and selfless giving. We have a responsibility to own Jesus’ truth and perspectives in our generation. It takes a heart yielded to God and clothed with the power of His Spirit to be holy.

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