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You Have a Mighty Source – Series II

Two Nations

Sermon Description

This first of five messages focuses on the division of the twelve tribes of Israel and the development of two nations – Israel in the north and Judah in the south. Pastor Allen explores the compromise through rebellion that resulted in discontent and unleashed ungodly momentum. In all this, God’s grace – unmerited favor – repeatedly turned His people back to His purposes. Our life-lesson is cooperating with God by walking in His purposes gives us momentum for a godly life – it is the most successful way to live.

The Prophets

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This second message explores the lives of God’s prophets – very human messengers entrusted with God’s message to His people. These messengers brought both comfort and challenge. Scripture reveals the two greatest prophets of God were Moses and Jesus. Their invitation to God’s people was the same: listen, understand, and obey God’s word by yielding to His Holy Spirit and believing His prophetic truth.

The Exile

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Our third lesson examines God’s dealings with the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Their rebellion resulted in great tragedy and destruction even of God’s Temple, but the promise of God’s presence, power, and provision emerged, offering His people comfort if they would turn back to Him. It reminds us that our faith-statement does not result from the perfection of our lives but by cooperating with God’s Holy Spirit.

The Writings

Sermon Description

This fourth of five lessons focuses on Scripture’s wisdom literature – the writings of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.  Understanding the context of these five books is essential as we are invited to hear people wrestling with questions about life-struggles. This wisdom literature is very meaningful as it directs our hearts toward a loving God, helping us wrestle with being a people alive in time while destined for eternity.

Return and Rebuild

Sermon Description

Our final message in this series focuses on the Israelite’s return to their covenant land after exile to Assyria and Babylon. Daniel is exiled in Babylon and studies the earlier prophetic words of Jeremiah. He receives desperately needed hope for Judah’s return to Jerusalem to rebuild and worship God in the Temple. Then we see Judah’s return, rebuilding, and restoration – of Jerusalem and the new Temple and their spiritual life with the God of Israel. The principle is valuable – prophecy is God’s word to His people, and as we open our hearts to His prophetic messages, we receive hope for our own lives.

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