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Let’s Pray

Prayer 201

Sermon Description

Prayer is a powerful response to life’s challenges. It opens doorways of God’s possibilities because God hears and responds to the prayers of His people. Prayer is an invitation to each of us to cooperate with His purposes, even when we’re not sure of the outcome. When we interact with the people in our lives by saying “Let’s pray,” we interject invitations to walk with God in a non-threatening way. Pastor Allen reminds us that the same power in the prayers of the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament disciples is available to us today.

The Lord's Prayer

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Prayer matters because evil is in the world and we cannot outthink it or overcome it by the force of our personal will—we need a power greater than ourselves! Thankfully, Scripture gives us blueprints for prayer: Jesus prayed to His Father, so we do as well; and the demons tremble at the name of Jesus, so we pray in His name. When we fail to pray we leave the doors of God’s possibilities closed. But when we commit ourselves to daily, workmanlike prayer, the outcome can benefit all of us. So, “Let’s pray!”

Improving Vision

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Spiritual things are as real as the physical world in which we live; Genesis 1 says that God’s Spirit brought order to the chaos present on earth. Adults are often more comfortable in the rational, physical world, but Jesus said to His followers, “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus used the example of a child—with a child’s desire to learn and change—as the doorway to significance in His Kingdom. Just as a child wants to learn, we should want to learn how to align ourselves with His purposes.

Life Lived Well

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We are people of eternity, so why would we commit ourselves to objectives that are limited by time and will fade away? Prayer reaches beyond time to touch eternity and should be the response to all of our personal interactions. When we invest energy and thought into our prayer lives and make the effort to pray for those around us, we let them know that someone in their sphere of influence has a relationship with God and open a window for God’s Spirit to blow across their lives.

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