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Let’s Pray, Again – Series III

Prayer Warriors

Sermon Description

Our world is filled with anxiety, but we don’t have to live that way. Pastor Allen reminds us that we are servants of the Most High God, the Creator of heaven and earth, who is searching the earth looking for men and women who care enough about His purposes to say, “I’ll pray.” And the prayers of just one person can make a difference!

Spiritual Influence

Sermon Description

Small groups of believers standing together for the purposes of God is the story of the Bible. The transformation of our character precedes what God can do through us, and God’s empowered people have impacted communities and changed the course of history. Pastor Allen teaches that if we will turn our hearts to the Lord we can see the leaders of our nation say, “There is a living God, and His Kingdom endures forever.”

Jesus' Pattern

Sermon Description

Jesus was a man of prayer whose many public victories were founded on His private prayer life. He spent an entire night in prayer before choosing His disciples, and later taught them to pray what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. The same authority that Jesus invested in those original disciples He has invested in His Church, to be a demonstration of the power of the gospel to a watching world.

As Revival Grows

Sermon Description

Revival begins first in us and continues through us to the world around us. Pastor Allen Jackson takes us through the unparalleled story of revival in the book of Acts with a look at the principles that brought revival to the early church. Revival will come when believers are willing to respond to the commands of Christ, cooperate with the Holy Spirit, expect miracles and show reverence and respect for our Holy God.

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