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Learning to Stand

Defeating Fear

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As Christ-followers, we must learn to stand against fear that would limit and control us.  When we develop trust in the promises of God to bring deliverance, we are able to be courageous in the midst of every circumstance.  Unbelief gives motion to our fears, but faith that is anchored in God’s Word brings activity to belief, defeating any fear that would dominate our lives.

A Matter of Faith

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God has given to every believer a measure of faith; what we do with it will cause us either to grow or to diminish as Christ-followers.  Making Jesus the object of our faith and following the examples He gave us throughout the Gospels, we can stand against the adversary that is scheming against us to neutralize our faith.

The Power of Grace

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God’s grace begins at the end of human effort. We overcome our weaknesses by allowing the power of God’s grace to permeate our lives with His strength, enabling us to see every situation with the perspective of His eyes.

Privilege of Choice

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As an expression of His grace in our lives, God has given us a free will. To live abundantly as Christ-followers, we must make choices that add God-momentum to our lives, beginning with yielding to the authority of His Word. God’s Word directs us toward choices that enable us to live victoriously and give Him our best.

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