Water Baptism
Angus Buchan
Event - Red Cross Blood Drive - Wednesday, July 23 from 3:00-8:00 PM

Red Cross Blood Drive- will be held Wednesday July 23rd from 3-8pm in the Leadership Park Gym. Donations are by appointment only. Registration is avaiable at Ticket Central during weekend services.

Event - Water Baptism - July 26/27

If you have never been water baptized, our summer baptism services are scheduled for weekend worship services, July 26 and 27. Both children (entering grades 3-6) and adults (entering grade 7 and older) may participate. Baptisms will be part of both worship services July 26 at 5pm & 7pm and on July 27 at 8:30am & 10:30 am. Select a service time for your baptism when registering. Registration for water baptism is open at weekend worship services, at Ticket Central; additional information available there. The classes required for all baptismal candidates is Saturday, July 26th -- 3:00 pm for adults and 3:00 pm for children.

Event - Baby Dedication - August 3

If you have a child 2 years old or younger we invite you to join us for our Baby Dedication Ceremony Sunday, August 3 at 5:00 p.m. in the New Harvest Sanctuary. A dedication class for parents will be Sunday, July 27 at 4:30 p.m. in the New Harvest Sancutary. Childcare will be available for this class. Reservations and class attendance are required. Dedication forms and class sign ups are available at the Nursery Information Desk. Deadline for registration is July 22. For more information contact Susan Quesenberry at 615-896-4515 or Family Ministries

Event - The Katinas - August 9/10

The Katinas will be joining us the weekend of August 9/10 in Three Crosses Sanctuary.

In today’s ever-changing music industry where bands arrive and then disappear into obscurity at a veritable breakneck pace, The Katinas have not only managed to roll with the changes, but they’ve done so with their original lineup intact for 21 years now.

Undaunted by trends and the changing tides of the online music revolution, The Katinas, comprised of brothers John (vocals), Jesse (vocals), Sam (keyboards), James (bass) and Joe (drums) have continued to write and perform on their own terms—and love every minute of it.

“I say this with the utmost humility, I know that it’s been nothing short of God’s grace that we’re actually still together and doing this full time. It’s actually pretty mind-boggling,” James says. “We’ve seen so many things come and go in 21 years, and yet, some days, it all feels like it was just yesterday.”

If anything, the Dove Award-winning group’s most recent work on its 10th English language studio album, Collage, has only reenergized them.

“Quite honestly, there’s a part of me that feels like we have a second wind,” James shares. “I’m not saying we’re going to go for another 20 years, but you kind of have that feeling because we’re even more passionate today about the music, but even more so about the message.”

Event - 6 Weeks Series of 3 Different Parenting Classes - Beginning Sunday, August 17

Preparation for Parenting
If you are an expectant parent or your child is less than five months old, this class is for you. You will learn how to manage your newborn’s feeding, waketime, and sleeptime.
Room: Prayer Center

Preparation for the Toddler Years
If your baby is 5 -18 months old, this class is for you. Here you will learn how to manage your child’s day, mealtime basics, and the preventive side of correction.
Room: 2312

The Toddlerhood Transition Years
If your child is 18-36 months old, this class is for you. Here you will learn about structure and routine, toddler conflict, and the purpose of obedience.
Room: 2311

All 3 classes will begin Sunday, August 17 at 4:00pm. Childcare will be provided. Please sign up at the nursery desk. For more information contact Family Ministries.

Event - Angus Buchan - November 23

World Outreach Church welcomes Angus Buchan this November 23rd. Sign up here to get an email with the latest news for this and other events at WOC.

Angus Buchan, a farmer displaced from his native land of Zambia by both racial and political unrest, moved his family to South Africa for a better life. His first book, also a major motion picture, Faith Like Potatoes, is about his prayers that built a crop of untold proportion and got an entire nation to want to find out how. At a time when he was warned not to farm that year due to the massive drought in the land, Buchan stepped out on what he believed was instruction from heaven; his massive harvest of potatoes that year was nothing short of supernatural and provided powerful testimony to other farmers in the area. Buchan is an economic change agent, and his story shows how building dreams around God can result in grand results like no other.

Angus and Pastor Allen Jackson met several years ago in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles where they were both speakers. Their shared vision for ministry brought them together for a partnership to bring Buchan’s men’s conferences to the United States. These U.S. men’s conferences have attracted thousands of men from our local community, across the country and abroad. Angus Buchan is scheduled to return to the United States and Tennessee on Sunday, November 23 – watch for details and information on wochurch.org, Facebook and Twitter.