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For a Purpose

Sermon Description

There are three components needed for having the power of God in our lives. Our assignments are to be servants, to engage the culture, and to defend the culture. If we are willing to accept these assignments, we can have access to God’s power. As servants, we must follow the example of the ultimate servant, Jesus. Accept this assignment of serving the Living God as the highest honor we could have in our lives. To win others to Christ, we have to engage the culture and present the Gospel in a way that people can receive it. When we respond to the calling of servant and take the Gospel to others, God empowers us and our church.

Almighty God

Sermon Description

Pastor Allen leads us in a study of Luke 8:41-48, the scriptures which tell the story of a woman, sick for many years, who touches the hem of Jesus’ garment while he is walking through the city on his way to heal the daughter of synagogue ruler. We learn through Pastor’s teaching, that this scripture is not only a story about the miraculous, healing power of Jesus, but also about His compassion for real, flawed people like ourselves. In addition to Jesus’ compassion in this scripture, we also see the perseverance of a woman who is desperate for a miracle. In order to reach her Healer, she had to make a decision to overcome all the obstacles, both physical and social, that were in her way. Do you believe that the decisions we make toward God can unleash power in our lives? Listen as Pastor Allen teaches us that our decisions and our perseverance to follow God will help to keep us motivated toward the Harvest that is coming.

Empowered - Significant & Secure | Part 2 |

Sermon Description

Pastor Allen continues his “Empowered” sermon series by adding a second installment to his previous
discussion on being “Significant and Secure.” In this sermon, he addresses the concept that it is possible to lead lives
of significance and security in the face of all the challenges that we encounter. Although it seems that the systems of
this world and the character of humanity are deteriorating before our very eyes, we can be assured that significance and
stability are attainable. In these difficult times, it is essential that we surround ourselves with wise, positive
Christian influences and are “not walking in the counsel of the wicked” (Psalm 1:1-6). When we are meditating on God’s
word consistently, we allow ourselves to come out of the seat of the skeptic and prepare our hearts for what God can do
next. If we are willing to believe that God can do greater things in us and in our congregation, then we will be able to
live out Jesus’ promise in John 1:50: “You shall see greater things than that.”

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