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  • World Outreach Church
  • The Glory of the Lord

    When the Church is awakened to the glory of God, a powerful transformation takes place. Pastor Allen challenges us…

    World Outreach Church
  • Learning to Stand

    As Christ-followers, we must learn to stand against fear that would limit and control us. When we develop…

    World Outreach Church
  • Belief and Unbelief

    In this sermon addressed primarily to WOC, Pastor Allen presents to believers an assignment with a Kingdom purpose. He…

    World Outreach Church
  • Say What?

    There is a tremendous value in knowing the person of Jesus as He is presented to us in Scripture….

    World Outreach Church
  • A Lamp for Our Feet

    Pastor Allen brings insight from the life of Josiah, one of the many kings of Israel. Much can be…

    World Outreach Church
  • Good News for All People

    The Gospels are not the beginning of a “new faith” or a “new story”; they are the fulfillment of…

    World Outreach Church
  • Preparing for a New Year

    Pastor Allen Jackson uses the story of Elijah and Jezebel to illustrate how people can respond to a God…

    World Outreach Church
  • The Most Abundant Life

    The same God that spoke our world into existence watches over our lives. God’s provision for His people…

    World Outreach Church
  • Getting to Know Jesus

    Pastor Allen continues his teaching about the person of Jesus Christ and our need to know Him completely. …

    World Outreach Church
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